Sanctuary State Bill Considered By California Legislature

sanctuary state

The California legislature is currently considering a bill that would make California a sanctuary state.

Under the proposed legislation, California law enforcement would be prevented from communicating or cooperating with ICE.

A similar law has existed in Oregon for 30 years.  The Oregon law is less restrictive –  it prevents law enforcement from cooperating with ICE but does not prohibit communication between the agencies. The Oregon law was enacted to prevent racial profiling and save money on law enforcement, two concerns echoed by the California legislature.

Proponents of the bill also point out that law enforcement has better relationships with the communities they police when they don’t enforce federal immigration law.

According to Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck, police depend on immigrant communities to cooperate with police to keep communities and police safe.

sanctuary state

Santa Barbara Sheriff Bill Brown is the head of the State Sheriff’s Association, which opposes the sanctuary bill.

Brown believes it is in the best interest of all of our communities and especially the immigrant community that dangerous offenders that are in this country illegally be deported so they do not continue to prey on the innocent victims.

Opponents of the bill point to recent high profile crimes committed by immigrants with criminal convictions that were released into the community instead of ICE custody.

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