Criminal Law FAQ

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Santa Barbara Police Station – 215 E. Figueroa Street

Under 21?

Some criminal convictions require your license to be suspended or revoked.

Where do I pay parking tickets?

Parking tickets can be paid online or at the Police Department. The address is 215 E. Figueroa Street.


You could face academic probation or suspension.




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Santa Barbara Superior Court – Figueroa Division – 118 E. Figueroa Street

Where is the criminal courthouse?

The criminal court is located at 118 E. Figueroa Street. Departments 1-6 are located at 1100 Anacapa Street.

On probation?

Violating probation terms can result probation violation charges and new criminal charges.

Not a U.S. Citizen?

Pleading guilty or no contest could result in deportation.




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Santa Barbara Superior Court – Anacapa Division – 1100 Anacapa Street

Where is the main courthouse?

The main courthouse is located at 1100 Anacapa Street. This historic courthouse was built in 1929.


Contact the DMV within 10 days or you will lose your driving privilege.

Have a prior Felony?

You may face sentences enhancements for your current charge as well as probation violation charges.



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Law Office of Robert Landheer – 924 Anacapa Street, Suite 1-T

Where is our office?

Our office is located near the courthouse at 924 Anacapa Street, Suite 1-T.

Received a infraction?

Make sure you appear on your court date. You cannot use the public defender. You are not entitled to a jury trial. Ordinarily you cannot be arrested for an infraction.

Missed Court Date?

The judge likely issued a warrant for your arrest. You or your attorney must appear in court to remove the warrant.