DEA to Make Decision on Rescheduling Cannabis by Mid-2016
















By Julia Granowicz 

 Apr 7, 2016

“With any hope, we will see marijuana listed as a Schedule II substance for the first time since the Controlled Substances Act was created in the 1970s. “

The Drug Enforcement Administration has been under quite a lot of pressure lately when it comes to the subject of rescheduling marijuana as a Schedule II drug.

In 2001 and 2006, the DEA decided to keep marijuana at the same status as a Schedule I drug. With any luck, by July of this year, 2016, the federal government may make a big first step towards true marijuana reform. This would mean that the government would be agreeing with experts in the medical profession that marijuana may have some recognized medicinal benefits.

“Almost half the states in the country have medical cannabis laws and major groups like the American Nurses Association and the American College of Physicians are on board,” Tom Angell (founder of the Marijuana Majority) said in a statement. Read more…

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