September 28, 2016

The law firm of Robert Landheer and their staff restored my confidence in the law profession, and I received excellent legal advice and representation at an affordable cost. My previous encounters with attorneys had been a mixed bag, until my recent experience with Robert and one of his junior partners, Russell, who were more than willing to take my case. I felt at all times they genuinely cared about representing me, even though mine was a relatively minor case. They resolved it quickly, saving me time and money. They were both professional and easy to communicate with. They went right to work on my case, a traffic violation for unsafe backing and a misdemeanor, hit and run. I found it difficult to take this situation seriously, because the damages incurred to the other vehicle amounted to $72.00, for a bent license and broken plastic holder. Russell was very good about keeping me posted, as they did the necessary background investigation. Thanks to their skillful negotiations with the DA’s Office, the misdemeanor charges were dropped and I now have only to attend traffic school. Thank you Robert and Russell, for a job well done.
~~John Kuizenga