Violent Crime

Caring About Violent Crime And Your Community

In 2008, there were more than 1.2 million violent crimes reported in California, far exceeding the number of property crimes. In an attempt to diminish these figures, California law imposes harsh penalties on persons convicted of violent crimes. If you are charged with a violent crime, you need aggressive representation to avoid being caught up in the system. The lawyers at Robert F. Landheer, Attorney at Law, led by board-certified criminal law specialist Robert Landheer, will provide you with the effective representation you need.

violent crime

Types Of Violent Crimes

Violent crime is usually associated with physical harm. But emotional harm can be considered violent as well. We will assist you with charges involving all violent crimes:

  • Assault and battery -- Assault and battery are among the more common violent crime charges. Special rules or penalties apply to assault and battery committed in a domestic violence situation.
  • Carjacking and aggravated assault -- These crimes do not always involve serious bodily injury, but since there is always that potential, they are classified as violent crimes.
  • Robbery and arson -- These are sometimes considered property crimes, but they can also be classified as violent felonies.
  • Rape, murder and manslaughter -- These are the most serious violent crimes and may result in the death penalty.
  • Gang-related crimes -- These often bring an enhancement element to juvenile crimes, underscoring the need for an experienced juvenile crimes attorney.

violent crime
Assaulting a police officer is typically a felony offense.

Is A Violent Crime Always A Felony?

Not necessarily. Unless the violent crimes are committed against a peace officer or there is some other enhancement, assault and battery are both generally misdemeanors, albeit serious misdemeanors. Their classification does not change the fact that they are violent crimes with serious consequences.

Even a juvenile may be prosecuted as a violent felon if the circumstances warrant such action. If your son or daughter participated in a gang offense or was present at the time the crime was committed, her or she may be subject to prosecution.