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The Law Office of Robert Landheer is a criminal defense firm in Santa Barbara County. The firm is headed by Attorney Robert Landheer, Certified Criminal Law Specialist.

"We work on difficult cases and diligently defend our clients' constitutional rights."

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Certified Criminal Law Specialist

Robert Landheer is a certified criminal law specialist. Specialists must demonstrate a high level of experience in criminal defense and be favorably evaluated by attorneys and judges familiar with their work.

Helping You Through a Stressful Situation

We will stand by your side and defend your constitutional rights in the courtroom. Our goal is to find the best possible resolution of your case.

Customized Criminal Defense

Our oath is to protect your constitutional rights. We are committed to designing a defense that will exonerate our clients completely or reduce the charges and mitigate the punishment.

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Attorney Robert F. Landheer
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Attorney Russell A. Brown

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

For over 34 years Robert Landheer has successfully defended his clients against criminal charges. Mr. Landheer began his criminal defense career in Mendocino and continues to be a strong advocate of medical marijuana.

Robert Landheer is widely respected in the Santa Barbara criminal defense community as an honest attorney who diligently defends his clients constitutional rights.

Our Clients Are Family

We care about all of our clients and treat them like family.
At the Law Office of Robert F. Landheer, our mission is to help guide our clients and their families through a trying and difficult time.

Dedicated Attorneys & Staff

Our attorneys and staff work diligently on your case. Staff includes attorneys Robert Landheer and Russell A. Brown, and law school student Keiran Schwoerke. Criminal defense is not just our job, it is our passion!

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(805) 962-5103

924 Anacapa Street Suite 1-T
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
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Quality Partners

We work with the best local professionals including:

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David Bearman, M.D. - One of the most clinically knowledgeable physicians in the U.S. in the field of medicinal marijuana.  He has spent 40 years working in substance and drug abuse treatment and prevention programs.


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Laura Ronchietto - A highly regarded immigration consultant with a long record of empowering immigrants and communities through service, activism, and education.