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The Law Office of Robert Landheer is a criminal defense law firm that focuses on providing trusted and reliable legal representation to individuals accused of sex offenses. Our team of experienced attorneys understand the gravity of a sex offense charge and are committed to providing our clients with the best defense possible. We are dedicated to protecting your rights and fighting for the best outcome.

Helping You In Your Time Of Need

A conviction for sex crimes can result in lengthy prison terms tantamount to a life sentence. Sex crime convictions often result in a Penal Code, Section 290 registration requirement as a sex offender.


Robert F. Landheer's law offices will aggressively defend your rights and restore your reputation in the community.


Legal Defenses:

  • Self defense or defense of another

  • False accusation


We will vigorously defend your case by contacting the district attorney immediately to increase your chances of a dismissal or reduction of felony charges to a misdemeanor.


Our offices have successfully defended 100's of persons charged with felony domestic violence and reduced their charges to misdemeanors and probation.


In all cases of Domestic Violence, the district attorney will seek to have the court issue a protective or restraining order at the time of your first court appearance. These orders often have the unintended consequence of immediately separating spouses from each other and/or their children and not allowing any communications between spouses.


Our office will assist in modifying these protective or restraining orders to allow parties to continue to reside together and have contact.


The criminal justice system is complex and intimidating. Representation at the earliest stage of a domestic violence prosecution is critical.



Our offices will vigorously defend your rights from pre-filing of a complaint to the resolution of your case.


Call our office to make an appointment immediately after your arrest (805) 962-5103

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